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Rafael Roca

Fiscal and tax advisory services

⚈ Advising and planning national and international tax strategy for companies, freelancers and individuals
⚈ Direct tax management
⚈ Advising, preparing and filing to meet tax obligations
⚈ Financial/fiscal due diligence, preparing financial/fiscal reports to assess the state of the company
⚈ Contentious and tax proceedings with the Administration: tax audit notices, inspections, economic-administrative claims, appeals


⚈ Advising, designing and planning for business incorporation
⚈ Comprehensive advisory services for companies, family businesses and other legal entities
⚈ Designing and implementing corporate structures
⚈ Drafting partner agreements and/or pacts
⚈ Selling companies, businesses or business groups
⚈ Mergers and acquisitions
⚈ Incorporation of subsidiaries and branches abroad
⚈ Liquidation and dissolution of companies

Financial outsourcing

⚈ Accounting
     o Analytical accounts, accounting closings  
     o Customer billing
     o Balance analysis
     o Strategy and management planning
⚈ Financial management
     o Budget control
     o Cash-flow forecasts
     o Managing accounts payable and receivable
     o Cutting financial costs


⚈ Advice and planning in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy phase
⚈ Advising and planning in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy phases ⚈ Refinancing or restructuring debt
⚈ Acquiring and selling productive units
⚈ Bankruptcy administration through CREPARE A.Concursales
⚈ Bankruptcy mediation, creditors agreements
⚈ Contesting and recognising credit
⚈ Defending creditors’ rights
⚈ Administrators’ liability / bankruptcy rulings
⚈ Due diligence: failed loan portfolios and management
⚈ Advising on the bankruptcy settlement phase

Litigation, mediation 

⚈ Corporate conflicts, interpretation, validity and execution of commercial contracts, administrators’ liability, challenging business agreements, unfair competition, etc.
⚈ General civil liability, product liability, etc.
⚈ Real estate and construction procedural law
⚈ Litigation arising from property rights
⚈ Administrative litigation

Economic criminal law

⚈ Legal assistance from expert lawyers and economists, both in defence and prosecution of economic crimes under criminal law:
     o Tax crimes
     o Scams and misappropriation
     o Asset stripping
     o Asset concealment and fraudulent bankruptcy
     o Money laundering
     o Insider trading
     o Misappropriation of designs or industrial secrets
     o False statements
⚈ Legal assistance with AEAT or SEPBLAC inspections and any resulting procedures


⚈ Companies:
     o Complete payroll cycle
     o Representation before CMAC and in labour inspections
     o Defence in labour claims
     o Labour audits
⚈ Entrepreneurs:
     o Capitalization of unemployment benefits
     o Feasibility studies
⚈ Individuals:
     o Claims before the courts
     o Processing retirement, disability, etc.


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